Horgus Wensel VI

Radiant Drive is an expeditionary first contact team from the planet Horgus Wensel VI. Team consists of cosmonauts:

  • Jonah Langer (6 String Magnetic Vibration Apparatus)
  • Scott Gunshore (High Impact Collision Detectors)
  • Brandon “M.C. Curry” McCurry (Ultra Low Frequency Sonic Ray Beam)
  • Nick Monks (Synthetic Harmonic Transducer Devices).

Take a journey with us through space and time as the vibrations harmonize with your soul spirit. Feel the essence of creation as the music pulses in the recesses of your imagination. Let the bright embers take hold in the center of your universe and guide you on an interplanetary journey. Join us on a voyage through an unknown land that shimmers on the outskirts of our visible data plane.